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all photos: Dakota Fine

After weeks of testing out his new mobile menu at occasions as diverse as his kids’ birthdays to feeding the homeless of DC, Jose Andres (FINALLY) unleashed his PEPE FOOD TRUCK to the public yesterday during lunch.

The truck will serve a total of 8 different flauta-like sandwiches, inspired by Andres’ favorite lunches of his youth, and according to the chef, the focus, as always, will be on quality ingredients (“I want good cheese, not crappy cheese, and GOOD HAM, not crappy ham”) which brings us to the next topic: price. While undoubtedly delicious the truck’s most affordable sandwich is $10 and the menu does sport a Ibérico pork and Serrano ham combo sandwich that WILL set you back $20. Which may be too much for the casual, “lets grab a fast lunch” food truck customer – no matter how good the ham is (and trust us, IT IS GOOD)

Each sandwich comes from a very personal place in Andres’ life, including a chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and shallot mayonnaise dedicated to his favorite soccer team of all time: Barcelona Futbol Club. We imagine fans of Real Madrid FC will stick to the other options which also include a fried chicken sandwich, soups, non-alcoholic cocktails and a chocolate-and-hazelnut ice cream sandwich for desserts.

Oh and naturally-if you’re curious WHERE to find PEPE during it’s hours (11:30-2pm), follow him on twitter: @PEPEFOODTRUCK


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