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all photos: Jeff Martin

We kicked off our 2016 food coverage with a story about three born-and-raised-in-the-DC-food-scene young people, who come early February would own (not just work in) their dream restaurant. It was one of the most clicked on stories on the site that week, and social media saw a whole village of DC’s food brethren sharing in on the excitement.

Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7240

As of this Tuesday, what at the time was just a construction site is now Tail Up Goat, brand new 66 seat eatery and 16 seat bar in Adams Morgan (1827 Adams Mill Road) welcoming guests for dinner, Tuesday through Sunday.

Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7265Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7296


A lot of the excitement comes from the owner pedigree. As you settle into the bright, cozy space designed by Edit Lab, it will be former Komi sous chef Jon Sybert that will cooking for you, former Komi service director and wine and beverage director Bill Jensen overseeing the beverage program, and former Little Serow service director Jill Tyler greeting you front-of-house.

Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7335

The menu is Mediterranean in spirit (“In terms of food and wine, that is in our DNA”, Bill told us, “It is the place we will always return to. Not necessarily the only place we’ll visit, but it IS the bedrock”) and intended to be enjoyed whether as a sharing or individual experience. There will always be three pastas on the menu, as well as shareable meats (a lamb rack for two, shawarma spice mix and nutty dukkah, slow roasted THEN grilled seems like a crowd pleasing front runner, right out of the gate), with plenty of snacks and vegetable dishes as well.

Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7299

The drink menu has touches of island inspiration in terms of cocktails, and a well edited selection of lesser expected wines too, rounding out the trio’s eclectic tastes.

And yes, they take reservations. See you all at 1827 Adams Mill Road.

Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7226Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7222Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7193Tail Up Goat for BYT - Jeff Martin-7103

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