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Photos by Armando Gallardo, Words by Brandon Wetherbee

D.C. has its first Georgian restaurant. The DMV has its first Georgian restaurant. The Mid-Atlantic Region has its first Georgian restaurant. You no longer have to go to to New York for Georgian cuisine. You can to go to 11th St. NW.


Have you had Georgian food? Maybe? Kinda? There are some dishes at Mari Vanna and Compass Rose that are Georgian inspired, like the khachapuri (possibly the most Instagram famous dish you’ve seen the past few years), but Supra is the first that’s presenting authentic Georgian food and wine.


So have you had Georgian food? I thought I did. I had not. The pkhlovani khachapuri (made with spinach and cheese) was much softer than other khachapuris I’ve tasted. It was good for the cold weather and something that would belong on a breakfast, lunch or dinner menu. Not quite pizza, it has more in common with an empanada.

Not knowing what I was getting into, the vegetarian and vegan options at Supra surprised me. It’s incredibly vegetable friendly. I expected heavy dishes full of meat. Instead we were presented with one of the heartiest vegan dishes we’ve had. And we didn’t know it was vegan until we checked the menu. The eggplant nigvzit, eggplant stuffed with walnuts and cilantro, is a very good introduction to Georgian food. The ingredients are familiar but the plate is new for the majority of Americans.


You’re going to want to go to Supra with a small group. A new cuisine means you should try as much on the menu as possible. The gebjalia, a roulade of fresh sulguni cheese, ricotta, and mint, tomato is another vegetarian friendly appetizer that gives you a diversity of flavor. Also, the house made bread is fantastic. Chef Malkhaz’ bread is unlike what you’re going to find in any market in the area.


The space is large. Very large. A large dining room and another space for the bar. Once again, go with a group. The entire name of the restaurant is Supra: A Georgian Feast. Feasts are better when you’re with a lot of company.


In addition to Georgian food and wine, there are Georgian products for sale. If the food and wine won’t keep you warm, the hats should.


Supra, 1205 11th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001, is open seven days week and accepts reservations.