all photos: Jeff Martin

Taking the term “winter wonderland” to a whole new level, The Styliner ladies are back in DC this winter, and in lieu of their (amazing) truck, they have erected a pop-up igloo right in front of Hotel Dupont, filled TO THE BRIM with perfect accessories, hand picked by founder Joey Wolffer.


Last night, we stopped by the opening event (and definitely left out with some bejeweled tights and silver encased coral necklaces in tow) to scope out what will be on offer in front of Bar Dupont for the next 4 weeks (added bonus: BYT’s Style Licks editor Kate Greene will be on hand every day to help guide you through the very hard purchasing decision process ahead)


First of all, it should be noted that the Igloo (which actually originated at the Salt Lake Olympics as a ski trail entryway) is phenomenally cozy. It is well heated, well stocked with hot cocoa and there is even a Pendelton tree tucked in a corner, getting that holiday vibe in full swing. Second of all, the selection is insane. From tribal pieces, to one-of-a-kind items by Parisian artisans to some finely selected vintage, there is a little something for everyone in there to make you feel special. Some stand-outs we noticed: rabbit fur scarves, the aforementioned hand bedazzled tights (which will not be leaving my legs, ever), some serious clutches (we particularly coveted a rose gold number) and some delicate, brightly colored layering pieces. To sum up: hope you all are ready to blow some rent money in here.


crucial details before the photos of the goods:

DATES AND TIMES: Monday, November 26, through Monday, December 24, from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
EXACT ADDRESS: Bar Dupont, Dupont Circle Hotel, 1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW; 202-483-6000.