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All words: Avalon Swindell Jones
All photos: Jeff Martin

A restaurant located in a space that was once an adult video store? I bet Silo Restaurant has captured your attention already. Award-winning chef George Vetsch is serving American dishes with a Swiss/French twist (i.e. lots of cheese!!!!) in a space where peep shows took place in the back but could now be the perfect spot to enjoy a creative meal without going too crazy.  The owner, Reza Akhavan, wants people to frequent Silo for a quality dish while appreciating the casual vibe.

SiloDC-JM 08

This warm and cozy environment is only created by a ton of candles from what I can tell, but they lend to the total “glow” the restaurant gives off at night. The interior is simple, with few pieces of black and white artwork created by Akhavan’s friend, Ali Soltani. The walls are a combination of plaster panels and places where the plaster was stripped away, allowing brick to show through. Akhavan takes pride in the fact that Silo–which seats 50 in the dining room and 20 at the bar–can have the comfortable, casual feel, despite its industrial look.

SiloDC-JM 03SiloDC-JM 02

After taking a glance at the menu, you’ll probably want to analyze it for a few minutes because of their unique combinations of ingredients. I’m not a scotch girl, but if I find myself in the Mt. Vernon Triangle neighborhood, I’ll need to stop in to try their cocktail called the Scotch Striptease (get it?!).  It’s a glass of scotch with a smoked hard cider ice cube floating inside and a piece of bacon on top. I think I can get used to scotch if bacon is my chaser. (I vote they invest in those bacon cups I keep seeing in an infomercial.)

Try the Scotch Striptease and/or their other cocktails, beers, and wine, during their Happy Hour from 5 to 7 p.m, drinks are $2 off, before chowing down on some frog legs. Also, they have chicken croquettes, which I’m in love with and usually only find at tapas restaurants.

Silo’s kitchen is open Tuesday through Thursday, 5 until 10 pm, and the bar until 1 am.  On Friday and Saturday, the kitchen is open 5 pm until 11 pm and the bar until 2 am.  On Sunday, the kitchen is open 5pm until 9 pm and the bar until 12 pm.  Starting next Tuesday, January 21st, Silo will be open for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 am until 3 pm.


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