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all instagrams: @svetlanaBYT, words by: Jeb Gavin & Svetlana

You don’t need us to tell you that DC is having a beer garden moment. But in case you DO need us to tell you that- click here for our DC BIERGARTEN guide (it goes really well with summer) and then – rejoice – because there is a new addition to the genre.


Located right above the Dupont Shake Shack (1216 18th Street NW), the Sauf Haus Beer Hall features both several INDOOR levels for enjoying beer and a gorgeous roof deck which, despite being able to hold 160+ people at its 2000 sq. feet will,  lets face it, is about to be ass-to-cheek packed with downtown after-work crowds in no time. The deck opens early though (4pm) and stays open late (till 11pm or midnight) so considering sneaking out of work on peak days to snag a seat at one of the metal benches (bonus incentive for stopping by early: happy hour is 4-7pm, with $8 half liters and $14 full liters).

he interior, a rustic hall of sorts has accents of the Bavarian blue and white checked coat on nearly every available surface, should you be eerily keen on low country crests and at the same time forgetful of where you are.

The offerings are decidedly Oktoberfest-y. The bar has 16 taps, all German, including multiple hefeweizen and dunkels served in half liter and liter glasses or two liter boots (see photos below for a full list of offerings), served in half and full liter mugs, and America is represented by a curated, small selection of cans, and a small selection of cocktails – all of which will feature beer too (like Rocco’s Saturday which combines a vanilla vodka with a Radler for a good daytime summer sipper).


Food wise-Fare is exactly what you might expect from a beer hall shooting for Oktoberfest spread out year ’round. Multiple sizes of Bavarian pretzels (including a massive two pound pretzel which looks like an affront to the baking gods, or at the very least the sort of thing you might use to commit a Celiac hate crime,) bratwurst and frankfurters are all available. While we weren’t blown away by the brat, the accompanying warm sauerkraut with caraway seeds was pretty decent, as was the kartoffelpuffer (loose mashed potato pancake.) Even the massive pretzel was worth splitting with friends, despite its cartoonish size making it appear more like a novelty than a decent bite (though it IS the clear instagram-worthy winner, if you’re into that kind of stuff. See below if you don’t believe us) Oh, and the pretzel comes with this sweet and spicy mustard which is now my absolute favorite condiment for everything, at least until I move on to the next one.

A lackluster sausage isn’t worth avoiding Sauf Haus for, particularly as Dupont needs more low key, afternoon and after work drinking spots. Their open air roof deck (with a supposedly retractable roof for the winter months) makes for as nice a spot as any to spend a few hours drinking beers by the liter. Plus it gave me an excuse to wile away an hour looking for gifs of Dieter from Sprockets.