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all photos: Shauna Alexander

Remember how jazzed you were when American Ice Co. first opened since it gave you an opportunity to have another great place to grab drinks oh-so-conveniently before shows @ 930 Club (and DC9, and Bohemian Caverns, and…) and then, maybe you sat around wishing there were EVEN MORE places right around there because American Ice would sometimes just get so crowded? Well, we feel you.

And as such, we’re pretty excited to let you know that tonight, a new spot is opening and it is SO CONVENIENT to 930 club shows it is almost ridiculous: after all, it is actually attached to it in the back (exact address: 2047 9th street, right between V and W/Florida).

SatelliteBar.8Oct2012-7693 SatelliteBar.8Oct2012-7724

Add to that that the team behind is the Hilton Brothers (with IMP’s blessing/involvement) AND that the food will be available as late as the drinks will (last call and all) and well, you have yourself a dream team scenario really. Initially intended as a traditional Hollywood style Diner, the space has since taken on a more varied menu: yes, there are plenty of burgers (the Smoke Stack with thick cut bacon, bleu cheese and chipotle bbq seems particularly enticing in this weather), and every type of fries you can imagine (from regular to sweet to yuca ones) but there are also tacos, ceviche and more on the menu now too, making sure pretty much whatever your late-night hankerings are-they can be met here.


On the drink side of things, beers and wine are reasonably prices (mostly in the $6-8 region respectively) but the obvious stars of this game are the milkshakes (boozy and otherwise). From the Vincent Vega one (vanilla with bulleit bourbon) to A.C. Slater (avocado with Jose Cuervo Reposado) to Archie Leach (Strawberry with Tanqueray) – there is a little something for every taste and pop culture preference. Boozy shakes are $10, non boozy ones are $5.


The interior is everything you hoped it would be (and designed by longtime Hilton collaborator Joe Reza) – there is a vespa hanging out on top of a wall, colorful murals throughout and, of course, a big SATELLITE neon sign above the main bar. And yes, there is an outdoors and yes, it is heated.

Doors open at 5pm today, and from what we saw from our visit yesterday-the staff is an all-star DC bar team, just like you hoped for: lots of familiar faces and memories in a new spot. The orderly line starts here.

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