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Photos By Franz Mahr, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Adams Morgan is growing up.

140210_Roofers Union1-113

The Reef is gone. The fish tanks are gone. The chlorine smell is gone. Roofers Union opens in the same space as The Reef and other than the windows, everything is different.

140210_Roofers Union1-13

It’s going to be busy. Even if it was bad, it’d be busy. It’s not bad. The cocktails, especially the Bloodbuzz (Rittenhouse Rye, Zucca Amaro, Byrrh Grand, quinquina, blood orange shrub, house bitters, flamed orange), are quality. It’s going to be busy on both floors for the foreseeable future. Once the roof patio opens in March, all three floors will be busy.

140210_Roofers Union1-28

Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley, also from Ripple, has created a nostalgia filled menu of andouille sausage corn dogs and ‘dirty water dogs.’ It’s a grown up take on children’s food. It’s also sustainable food. It’s another way the restaurant/bar is helping Adams Morgan grow up.

140210_Roofers Union1-9

The worst part about growing up is the wait. The wait for seats and the wait for this place to open. It’ll be interesting who Roofers Union attracts. Will fans of Ripple want to leave Cleveland Park? Will Roofers Union become a destination for people that are sick of jumbo slices? Beer drinkers that can’t get a seat at Smoke & Barrel? My guess is all of the above. The only crowd it won’t get is the brunch crowd, Roofers Union doesn’t open until 5pm, at least for now.

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