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All words: Avalon Swindell Jones
All photos: Jeff Martin

Whether you’re looking for a new brunch, bar, or dinner spot, Roofers Union will soon satisfy all of your needs. The restaurant is located where The Reef (which closed after some scary things went down) once stood in Adams Morgan. The only thing left of The Reef is a faint aquarium aroma that will soon be masked by the delicious smell of their house-made sausages cooking, headed by Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley.

Roofers Union 01

Roofers Union has three floors, each offering a little more than the last. You can reserve the first floor for the private party of your dreams (yes, there is a bar). Enjoy the view from their huge, floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor. The view of 18th street is even more beautiful from the rooftop; it won’t be done immediately, but you probably wouldn’t want to sit out there until it’s warmer outside. When it does open, though, there will be heaters for chilly nights when drinking at the rooftop bar is a must.

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By the first week of February, Roofers Union should be open. Owner Roger Marmet, who also owns Ripple, said the space has great bones that just need a facelift. This facelift is being partly constructed by old barn roof, walls, and other barn materials, which line the staircases and are featured throughout the restaurant. Marmet wants Roofers Union’s to have a rustic-feel and not appear too industrial.

Even though Roofers Union claims to serve classic American food done well, you’re in for some surprises from their menu, including fried Brussels sprouts, crispy pig ear, and andouille corndogs served with cheese sauce. Roofers Union will also feature various cocktails, and for all you beer lovers, it will have 22 draft lines that run to each of the three floors.

Roofer’s Union will open at 5 pm daily. Weekend brunch hours to be announced.

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