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Words by Kaylee Dugan
Photos by Nicolla Etzion

I don’t have to tell you that pop up mania has taken over the city because there’s a whole other article on this website that can tell you that. In this wacky transient city we’ve all collectively fallen in love with these temporary locations, but the lines are definitely getting us down (or at least they’re getting me down). Our boozy friends at Anxo may have found the solution. They’ve transformed Phase 1’s old space in Barracks Row into Porrón, a sort of maybe long term temporary bar that exudes summer vibes and has a fun gimmick to boot.

Despite the lack of windows, the space doesn’t feel claustrophobic. This is mostly due to the plentiful fake grass and the bright No Kings’ murals that fill the bar. There are even more murals to come, but the bar itself is pretty close to completed, and the space dotted with lounge seating. There are multiple fake pigs heads, bright kitschy signs and lots of specialized glassware. It looks like a pig roast turned into a fever dream.


Speaking of gimmicks and glassware, every drink served at Porrón is going to be served in a porrón, which is sort of a cross between a teapot a beaker and a watering can. To drink out of one correctly, you throw your head back and try to aim the spout into your mouth. The further you can hold the porrón away, the cooler you look. I ended up getting cider all over my shirt, but some Anxo professionals showed us how it’s actually supposed to be done. While there’s a bit of a learning curve (and I can see this going very wrong very quick), it did bring out my competitive streak and now I want to go back and try to get better. It’s like small scale competitive drinking.


If you happen to have one too many ciders and need something to sober you up, Porrón will not be running with a full menu, but they’ve managed to do quite a bit considering the small kitchen space. The menu is essentially the same as their Kennedy Street location, which means you can expect snacks, meats, cheeses, sandwiches and salads. They also plan on hosting a wood fired dinner once a week with a pay one price, get one plate of heaping meat premise. As of right now, they’re thinking somewhere between $35 and $40, but that will change depending on the meat in question. Anxo is also hoping to bring in outside food vendors to take over the space during the day.

While you can certainly add Porrón to your list of go-to Barracks Row bars, expect things to change. Anxo is experimenting with format here, including throwing private events and bringing in bands. As of right now, they plan on staying in the space until December, but that’s a soft date. To kick things off this weekend, they’ll be hosting two “sneak peek” parties which include lots of wood fired grilled and unlimited porrónes. Tickets are $65 (which includes tax and tip).

Porrón is located at 525 8th Street SE. They’ll be open Thursday – Saturday from 7 p.m. to whenever.