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all photos: Franz Mahr

If you read our Bars & Restaurants to Look Forward to in Fall 2014 story, you know that we’ve been VERY excited for POP’S Seabar to open. The fact that that happened this week (yesterday, to be exact) just as we were all starting to (prematurely?) be nostalgic for the summer is just an added bonus.


Located at 1817 Columbia Road NW (the old Taan Noodle location), the part-bar-par-restaurant-all-beach-vibes spot is a labor of love from Cashion’s co-owner Justin Abad and Chef John Manolatos and is bound to be one of the most talked about (and enjoyed) openings this season.


The reasons are myriad: adding a little more laid-backness to the strip where Cashion’s and Mintwood already are, the  atmosphere is colorful and nostalgic, the eats are both true to their Jersey shore inspired roots and still tell-your-friends-worthy (from the boardwalk chicken to the whole fried smelts there’s plenty to add intrigue to comfort food classics like calamari or peel’n’eat shrimp).


Plus, wait for it…. IT IS OPEN FOR LUNCH TOO. AND STAYS OPEN THROUGH DINNER, NO BREAKS (hours are noon-midnight Monday to Thursday, and noon-2am Friday and Saturday) which means that finally, there is another completely legitimate day drinking location added to the somewhat STILL limited DC day drinking options roster.


Speaking of day (and night) drinking – the bar is manned by Eddie Kim, who you may remember from Daikaya and The Partisan, and while yes, there are Orange Crushes to be had, there’s also radler + shot combos (bonus: you can take your Pop’s beer koozie home for a very reasonable extra $1) which taste EXACTLY like summer once combined in your mouth, and the soon-to-be-constantly-talked-about alcoholic ice-cream luges (a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with a some amaro streamed down it and into your eager throat).


Bonus: almost nothing on the menu is over $15. SOLD.


And yes, there is a front patio coming eventually.