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It’s summertime and I know you’re thinking “Where in the hell can I play some cruise ship style shuffleboard in this City?” Well, look no further (whilst your wallet thanks you) than 801 E Street, NW where the newly redesigned bar PENN SOCIAL is set to open this Saturday (see invite here).  Yeah, that’s right.  You can feel the same levels of extreme relaxation all while chugging down your favorite pint and being surrounded by some of the best arcade games in the history of gaming all without having to get a passport (or endure consecutive nights on the same ship with the same terrible people ifyouknowwhatImean).


PENN SOCIAL plans to be the ultimate social experience and they’re doing this by incorporating live entertainment with recreational activities into your beer guzzlin’ fun.  (Full disclosure: United Social Sports will be housing their office in part of the building, making it always possible for you to finally sign up for that dodgeball league you’ve been talking about).  The space holds three levels of interaction (a seasonal outdoor patio, street level bar and the large, social/gaming/entertainment space), so there’s definitely something for everyone.  Sure, the old staples (karaoke, trivia, open mic nights, $3 draft happy hours from 4-7pm) are on the schedule, but it’s the arcade that’s worth a double take:


In addition to six 10-foot wide projector screens, and a 20-foot wide HD projector screen, the center of the main game room will be a versatile floor space that can hold an audience, but will also be used for bocce ball, corn hole and cruise ship shuffleboard (I mention this twice, because it’s important you see), while billiards, skee ball, table shuffleboard, and darts line the perimeter.  A stage with professional sound, lighting, and video equipment will feature live music, comedy, and interactive game shows too.  So for all of us who have ever wanted to be on The Price Is Right, now is your (local) chance!  And with 48 different taps amongst the 3 bars (yes, you read that correct — 48 different taps, most of them being devoted to craft beers and special pours!), your thirst for entertainment and booze will be completely satiated.


As for eats, the PENN SOCIAL crew haven’t let the options slide, even if they can’t have a fryer (due to permitting/construction issues).  We got to sample just a few nibbles on the menu, and let me tell you they were perfect for a night of binge drinkin’ and monopoly playin’.  The Bahn Mi was killer, with it’s super authentic style bread and punch of jalapeño. I think I devoured the whole, mammoth thing in under five minutes — it was that good.  As if that couldn’t be topped, the Penn Social Dog (which boasts pulled pork, baked beans, and sautéed chipotle onions as it’s toppings), wowed both Stephanie and I completely.  I mean, how has no one thought of putting pulled pork on a hot dog until now??  If those options (which are damn good) aren’t your flavor, there’s plenty of others to suit even the pickiest of palates like a german inspired saurkraut dog with pretzel sprinkles (Yes.) The “Tree Hugger” with chimichurri and a hummus spread? (Yum.) Beef Brisket subs, Turkey Clubs, Cuban paninis, etc. (Duh.)


Join in on the fun this Saturday (July 14th) at their GRAND OPENING PARTY.  I mean, somebody has to get started on setting the  ultimate high score on the dart machines.


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