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All words: Stephanie Breijo
All photos:
Franz Mahr

It’s a cold, blistery day and you’re seeking warmth this winter; search no more for the perfect hearty restaurant because New York’s Michael White has all of D.C. covered when it comes to gourmet cuisine just perfect for days (and nights) like this. Perched right on Capitol Waterfront, the chef’s trendy Osteria Morini opened its doors to the District yesterday with 4,250 square feet of modern rustic design, beautiful high ceilings and a menu that’ll keep you coming back long past winter.

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The menu, inspired by the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, features both small plates and large platters for sharing, with an array of meat–grilled and spit-roasted–that will get your mouth watering. Fresh pasta made in-house is another star of the menu with dishes like Tagliatelle, served with ragu antica (a beef, pork and veal ragu), and the Cappeletti, truffled ricotta ravioli with melted butter and prosciutto.

Will there be brunch? The clear answer is yes, though as to the when we’re not yet sure. We do know, however, we can all expect a patio overlooking the water sometime next year. Nothing not to love.

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