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Dall photos: Stephanie Breijo

If there is one thing last week (and the unwavering popularity of our 2012 Patio Guide) has taught us then that is that DC LOVES THEIR OUTDOOR DRINKING AND LOVES IT HARD.

So-just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, this past Friday a brand, spankin’ new Beach Bar opened on NY Ave (in the back parking area of the Passenger and  Warehouse theatre, and next door to The Fringe Fort and a convenient 3 blocks walk away from the BYT offices) and we naturally decided to check it out and report back to you.

The good news is: the place is big, the drinks are frozen (something one can truly appreciate in the swamp that we live in) and no one takes themselves too seriously. There’s games, a ski jet worthy of Kenny Powers and the mayor stopped by on opening day and played a game of cornhole. In a suit.

There is also: sand, a food truck set-up with budget friendly $5 rolls and plenty of inflatable balls to go around.

The potentially bad news are: this thing is going to be packed 24/7, there is no signs of a happy hour of any sort (mixed drinks are $10),  the sand is going to get inevitably mucky and there were some light credit card phone line issues when we stopped by so bringing cash would be the pro-tip.

Still-since that back patio of Colonel Brooks’ closed a while back, DC was in dire need of a good-ole-fashioned trashy beach experience in the city, and now we have one. Pass me that orange crush.

for more details/hours/etc go here: http://nyavebeachbar.com/