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Now you can find all your favorite D.C. foods in one place. That place happens to be in Virginia.

Robb Duncan and Violeta Edelman, owners of Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee, have opened a new cafe spot called Mom & Pop right out in front of the Angelika Cinema in the Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia. Coffee and gelato aren’t the only things you’ll find here, though. Salads, sandwiches, meat boards featuring prosciutto and salami from Red Apron, quiches, pastries from Bluebird Cafe and Room 11, cookies, antipasti, spiced nuts and all sorts of other snacks from Kinderhook will all be available for pre- or post-movie noshing. A selection of wines and beers are available as well as refreshing limeades and other fruity drinks. Stop by for a nitro coffee before your matinee, and stay super caffeinated the rest of the afternoon. And, of course, there will be gelato, though in push-up pop form rather than scooped (if you want scooped you can cross the street to a conveniently located Dolcezza Gelato shop). Mom & Pop is open now, so stop by for some artisan snacking in a casual setting, and enjoy some people watching through the cafe’s beautiful wall of windows.


Co-owner Robb Duncan