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All words by Svetlana

All photos by Shauna Alexander

If there is one thing people in DC seem to love (aside from having opinions about EVERYTHING) than it is pizza.  Make that pizza GOOD pizza (the ALL CAPS variety of good) and then you’ve got yourself really something. So, when we heard that after Galileo III (sadly) shuttered this past fall, Roberto Donna is back with LA FORCHETTA, a bright and shiny new neighborhood eatery on New Mexico Ave, we knew we had to stop by.

LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5004 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-4971

And while the centerpiece of the restaurant is a glorious, massive pizza oven (which churned out beautiful, fresh tasting, saucy but not even the slightest soggy pies for us while there) the team promises they will focus on A LOT MORE: the lunch and dinner will feature calzones, pastas and other traditional Italian dishes and among the recipes Donna is bringing over from Galileo is a variety of risottos + some more surprising twists from the Donna kitchen.


Plus, taking suit from the wine loving Donna, you can expect over a 100 wines on the menu (with the wine list constantly expanding, and we were happy to hear-bottles ranging from $20 to pricier wines (those over a $100) featuring smaller mark-ups than expected) and a cocktail menu designed by James Beard award winning writer Erik Felton. Hey- we’re ready.

LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5085 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5080 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5074 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5068 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5067 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5045 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5043 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5036 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5028 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5021 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5008 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-5000 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-4997 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-4980 LaForchetta_26Mar2012-4977