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Photos by Clarissa Villondo
Words by Kaylee Dugan

If you were looking to buy a brand new pair of Levi’s from the Georgetown store, you’re SOL. The Levi’s Store is gone, and the beautiful technical cashmere store, Kit & Ace, has risen in it’s place like a retail phoenix. I had walked past the Levi’s store hundreds of times and didn’t even realize this was the space (and that the original store was gone!) until an employee mentioned it, that’s how well the new store fits into Georgetown.

Kit and Ace Georgetown-26-8185Kit and Ace Georgetown-21-8163

While their Shaw opening was a sign of the times, the Georgetown location just makes sense. Its sleek copper fixtures, meticulously kept exposed brick walls, and delicate architectural lighting fit right into a neighborhood where All Saints, Rag & Bone, American Apparel, and Madewell are also vying for attention.

While the first floor is very similar to the Shaw location (except, you know, longer and more narrow), the team has decided to keep the upstairs free of clothing. Right now they plan on using it for private shopping sessions, but they also have plans to throw events there, and are currently eyeing concerts and dinners and even more. The next show you see probably wont be at Kit & Ace, but a couple months from now you may find yourself listening to a folk band while lounging on one of their couches.

Kit and Ace Georgetown-9-8118Kit and Ace Georgetown-10-8120

And that’s a very dangerous thing, because then you might just find yourself checking out everything on the first floor and walking away with some shirts that feel like clouds, but cost as much as your rent.

Kit and Ace Georgetown-25-8181Kit and Ace Georgetown-24-8175Kit and Ace Georgetown-20-8161Kit and Ace Georgetown-18-8138Kit and Ace GeorgetownKit and Ace Georgetown-1-8098Kit and Ace Georgetown-2-8101Kit and Ace Georgetown-3-8105Kit and Ace Georgetown-6-8113Kit and Ace Georgetown-7-8114Kit and Ace Georgetown-8-8116Kit and Ace Georgetown-11-8124Kit and Ace Georgetown-4-8109Kit and Ace Georgetown-12-8126Kit and Ace Georgetown-13-8130Kit and Ace Georgetown-14-8132Kit and Ace Georgetown-15-8133Kit and Ace Georgetown-16-8135Kit and Ace Georgetown-17-8137Kit and Ace Georgetown-19-8147Kit and Ace Georgetown-22-8166Kit and Ace Georgetown-23-8168