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all photos: Shauna Alexander

When I got word of a brand new “traditional with a twist” Irish Whiskey Public House opening (tonight) on 19th street, I knew I had to take Shauna, the proud 1st generation Irishwoman that she is, with me so as to test drive every level of authenticity we could possibly test in this place.

IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4980 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5005

What we were looking for:

  • more than one kind of aged Jameson (apparently only the protestants drink Bushmills and well….)
  • proper malt vinegar to pour over everything, but especially fries (or chips, as they call them in the old country)
  • pretzels, potato cakes and assorted other Irish carbs that work well at absorbing Irish Whiskey
  • and a staff that is both knowledgeable about the facts mentioned about and friendly

We are happy to report that inside the very flatteringly lit multi-level bar rooms on 1207 19th street (where Porter’s used to be) we found all that and so much more, including:

  • delicious, heavy on the whiskey cocktail selection
  • over 50 different kinds of Irish Whiskey in house (7 of which are Jamesons, aged up to 18 years)
  • a solid beer-on-tap list (including, naturally Guinness, but also favorites like Harp and Flying Dog)
  • some very hearty small plates
  • and a brunch menu that seems tailor made to help you deal with the aftermath of everything I just mentioned above.


Plus, there is a taxidermied fox greeting you at the entrance that is both hilarious and scary (just like all the best bar animals should be), and apparently about to be a source of a naming game where the winner will get a rather substantial bar tab for their christening efforts. Nothing not to like.


To sum up, I’ll just quote Shauna as I was pouring her into a cab several Shamrock (kahlua, baileys, whiskey all together at last) cocktails later: “I think I could just move in here”


IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4946 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4951 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4956 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4960 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4971 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4976 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4984 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-4991 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5002 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5017 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5026 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5030 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5036 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5046 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5054 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5033 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5059 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5064 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5075 IrishWhiskeyPublicHouse-5073