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Photo by Franz Mahr, Words by Zeke Leeds

Highline in Crystal City is the newest addition to the Bedrocks management roster—the good folks who brought you such popular bars as Penn Social, Buffalo Billiards and Rocket Bar. Unlike those large windowless spaces, Highliner, which is located above McCormick and Schmick’s, features floor-to-ceiling windows that make excellent use of its second floor space. With high ceilings and 7,000 square feet of room, the bar is the antithesis of the dungeon dive.

150212Highline RxR-001

The bar serves 32 draft beers, 8 draft wines, and an impressive cocktail list. Take for instance, the Cowcatcher, a brandy milk punch that is a New Orleans style brunch drink. Our photographer says it’s better than a White Russian.

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For serious craft beer heads, eight taps in the front room will have “rare and limited” beers not available at the main bar.

150212Highline RxR-011150212Highline RxR-016

The menu includes primarily sandwiches and bar snack. Like bacon nuts—seasoned walnuts, pecans and almonds cooked with bacon. There are also a couple of arcades games tucked away in the corner. Chiefly, for me, there is Big Buck Hunter and Ms. Pac-Man—many a man’s first virtual love. No doubt Highline will be the new happy hour hot spot for the ever-diversifying hordes of worker bees and start-up hopefuls arriving new to the area.150212Highline RxR-013150212Highline RxR-017150212Highline RxR-026150212Highline RxR-036150212Highline RxR-041150212Highline RxR-050150212Highline RxR-070150212Highline RxR-082150212Highline RxR-089150212Highline RxR-095-Edit150212Highline RxR-096150212Highline RxR-097150212Highline RxR-108150212Highline RxR-111150212Highline RxR-115