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Photos By Jeff Martin, Words By Emily Catino

Don’t call Peter Chang and Brandon Hill art administrators. And actually, don’t call their new project, Hierarchy, an art gallery either. The two guys of No Kings Collective have settled into a basement in Adams Morgan to create a permanent space for pop-up art exhibitions. The idea is to make the space transform with the artists showing there, changing to their every whim and desire, allowing Hierarchy to totally transform each time you come back. For the opening this Saturday, Hierarchy is showing a dual installation of DECOY’s “North West” and Cory Oberndorfer’s “Pop Sucker.”


What comes to mind when you hear “North West?” If you answered Kim and Kanye’s baby, you are correct! Okay not entirely—this is art. For her exhibit, DECOY drew inspiration both from the works of Kanye West and the fact that she is the molder of young minds (i.e. a teacher) by day, making her pieces at the intersection of hip hop Americana and her dealings as a teacher. Among her pieces you’ll see these ideas come into play with situational portraits of her students and even the essence of Kanye’s offspring.


Cory Oberndorfer’s “Pop Sucker” also has an interesting origin story, despite its simplistic appearance. As you may have guessed, Oberndorfer’s pieces are focused on lollipops, a kind of spin-off from his earlier works with popsicles. The artist also drew inspiration from the DC Roller Girls making the collection’s name of “Pop Sucker” equally about pop culture and art and, well, lollipops.


As for getting any inside information about any upcoming exhibitions, the two remained tight-lipped but did let go that they would be awesome and will be announced in two weeks.

Although for Saturday the space will be more subdued for its first two artists, don’t get used to Hierarchy as a white-walled art gallery. Peter and Brandon set off with the idea that Hierarchy would be about accommodating design concepts and not sellable arts goods, and from our first look they seem to have accomplished that. I think Brandon summed it up best when he said, “Maybe 10% will look the same per month—we’re trying to think beyond wine and cheese and more how to have people come back be like, ‘What the fuck?’”

And an awe-struck “What the fuck” it will be.