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It’s hard walking past 1675 Wisconsin Avenue without wondering what settles behind the boldly stated pink door. D.C.’s finest already knows that M and Wisconsin is home of shopping mayhem; however, on Friday night, May 20th (tonight!), from 6:00-8:00pm, the pink doors will open for the first time to reveal contemporary art to be viewed like never before.


The grand opening of Heiner Contemporary Art Gallery will definitely feed the souls of D.C.’s art scene. Margaret Heiner, gallery owner and art consultant, is delighted to open her gallery as a continuation of her passion for promoting and understanding the secrets behind contemporary art.


“I’ve always imagined having a gallery, but it has always been sort of an abstract thing,” admits Heiner, “but then, I realized how much I wanted a space of my own to have a platform to introduce people to artists whose work I love. And I love doing this because it allows me to work closely with contemporary artist so I can help them do something creative, which will hopefully reach a lot people in so many different ways.”


First in line to fuel the launch of her gallery, is Heiner’s longtime friend, and critically acclaimed Brooklyn artist, Elizabeth Huey. The title of her solo exhibit, “Polychromatic Projection,” gives viewers a collaboration of her work through paintings, collages and even video. Her dynamic work is not only eye intriguing but is also mind-boggling.


I personally admire Elizabeth’s methods of infusing geometry, history, psychology and raw talent to create a distinct work of her own. These facets that drives Huey to create such masterpieces is sure to leave viewers with an eyeful of questions; which is exactly what Elizabeth aims to do. “I want this place to be a space for conversation, reflection and questioning.” And it is.

From previewing the gallery first handedly, I am honored to say that Heiner Contemporary is not only a beautiful place to view art, but it is truly a space that is warm and down to earth and will soon be the Mecca of contemporary art and a forum for all who are interested and want to learn about it.

Cant make it to the opening tonight? No worries, Elizabeth’s “Polychromatic Projection” exhibit will be on display until July 2nd. So you have plenty of time to stop by.

Also, there will be an artist talk, with Elizabeth on Saturday, June 18th at 5:00pm

Make sure you check out one of Elizabeth’s favorite pieces, Glen Echo while your there, and be sure to ask questions about it! Her answers will leave you simply gobsmacked.