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Photos By Franz Mahr, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Let’s begin with the differences between the D.C. location and the new Virginia location. The Foggy Bottom restaurant is darker and smaller and has more floors. Another difference is Tysons needs this place and is really looking forward to its February opening. They’ll be pleased.

150121Founding Farmers-005

This Founding Farmers is adorable. Sunlight floods in everywhere and the decor is perfect. The place is modeled after a Virginia farmhouse. Each section of the restaurant is meant to resemble a room in the farmhouse. It’s a great idea and it’s been well-executed. If you want a more private dining experience, eat in the ‘bedroom’ and if you’re looking for a more family style the ‘kitchen’ is good for larger groups.

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Some of the decorative highlights include large bear and duck sculptures by Noella Cotnam and a large mythical painting upstairs. A wide array of artists have been commissioned to make everything from the lighting fixtures to the host stand.

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Executive Chef Joe Goetze is bringing some of the other locations’ staples to the new restaurant but about 30% of the menu will be new. Chicken and waffles isn’t on this location’s menu but chicken and a donut is. It’s like chicken and waffles, but even more indulgent. You have Executive Pastry Chef Ashley Soto to thank for the donuts.

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In addition to serving dishes like the fried deviled eggs & ham combo, spicy corn crab dip and stuffed pork tenderloin, the restaurant will also offer both full service breakfast and ‘grab and go’ options for people that don’t have time to sit and enjoy a meal. You should really try to sit and enjoy a meal.

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The Tysons Founding Farmers opens February 5. They’re currently accepting online reservations.

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