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Fantom Comics recently moved from its Union Station location to a larger location in Dupont. While finishing touches are still being done, Fantom retains the qualities that made it popular. They foster a welcoming environment, where everyone (even women and newbies) are accepted into the comic book community.

In fact, community partly influenced the location choice of Fantom. They wanted to be in the heart of DC, to aid in fostering a community of geeks. This also means that they throw a lot of events, which is helped with a larger space. Also, a larger space means more space for comics, which is always a good thing.

The passion for comics is definitely still there, as seen in the murals (which are amazing), the decor, and of course, the people in the store. They can recommend comics to you based off of your favorite TV shows. That’s pretty cool. Basically, when you can get someone who doesn’t even work for you to alphabetize your comics you know you are doing something right.

Check out their website or Facebook page for more info.

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