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All words: Stephanie Breijo
All photos:
 Jeff Martin

Residents of Shaw, rejoice; Chef Dean Gold’s latest venture–Dino’s Grotto–opens this Thursday, May 15, with a rustic Italian menu, a nod to Dino’s, and an upscale casual vibe we’re sure will fit right in with the neighborhood.

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3610

Farmers and co-ops provide much of the food served at Dino’s Grotto, whose ethos is fresh, sustainable, local goods done well. All fish are sustainable and meats are raised free from sub-therapeutic antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants, which should make that steak sirloin steak from Shenandoah Coop or Piedmont Ridge all the more delicious. The produce you’ll find on the menu here is seasonal, served artfully from small, local farms in dishes like the risotto with local asparagus, ramp, and morel, or the Farro & Ceci with roasted and grilled vegetables.

Dino’s Grotto even serves egg and gluten-free corn fusilli and spaghetti upon request, which means there really is something for everyone. (We’ve got our eye on you, Cioppino with head-on shrimp, scallop, fish, mussel, clam, calamari, tomato, onion and grilled bread.)

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3673Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3632

The wine list, in tribute to Dino’s extensive wine program, will feature 20 by-the-glass options, namely from Brunello, Barolo and Sicily. The cocktails should be a sure bet, too, with barrel-aged concoctions involving house-made syrups and shrubs, not to mention house-infused liquors. Let’s face it; if Dino’s is any indicator, Dino’s Grotto can’t go wrong.

Dino’s Grotto is located at 1914 9th Street NW and opens Thursday, May 15. Monday-Thursday: 5:00 pm – at least Midnight; Friday and Saturday:  5:00 pm – at least 1:00 am; Sunday: 4:00 pm – at least 10:00 pm.

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3612

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3671Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3629

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3619

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3608Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3598

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3585

Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3589Dinos Grotto Opens on 9th St-3582