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Photos by Jeff Martin

Atlantic Plumbing is finally starting to fill up. What felt like constant construction is slowly being replaced with actual retail. From spice shops, to letterpress print stores, everything is steadily coming together. Tomorrow they’ll be able to check off another completed space of the list, Declaration.

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Brought to you by the same folks who own Teddy & the Bully Bar and Lincoln, Declaration continues the obvious obsession with American history. Quotes from the signers of the Declaration of Independence adorn the walls, tables, and menus. While small (the place only has about 60 seats), it’s incredibly bright and airy. Light streams through the floor to ceiling windows and the antiqued mirrors help make it feel like there’s a little more space than there then the reality.

Where Declaration really stands out though, is in the details, both on and off the menu. Like it’s sister restaurant Lincoln’s penny floor, Declaration has it’s very own shiny nickel wall. Not to mention the entire restaurant is 1,776 square feet and they’re barrel aging a Manhattan for 776 days. An intricate antique chandelier from the 1800s presides over the main dining room, while a rustic wooden trellis hangs over the bar. It all serves to make the modern space feel more homey.

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That’s truly Declaration’s goal, Executive chef Demetrio Zavala explains. They just want to make you feel like you’re at home. “It’s hometown food for everybody,” he explains. The pizzas are all named after the original 13 colonies, and each includes something the state is known for, like the VA Thomas Jefferson, which includes smithfield ham and the MA John Adams with its shucked clams. Not to mention their prices match the year each colony was founded.

Of course, since this is Super Bowl weekend, the most important item on the menu is their wings. Chef Demetrio has his own take on the classic, which includes baked wings, pickled celery, caramelized onions, and a bleu cheese foam.

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Declaration is located at 804 V. Street, NW and will officially open tomorrow (and yes, they will take reservations). Happy hour on Sunday will run from 3pm until midnight in celebration of the Super Bowl.

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