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all photos: Jeff Martin

When, a few months back Petworth Citizen opened, we were both duly excited/impressed and eager to see what the next door project the team was working on would be. Now, with the lovely Crane & Turtle opening at 828 Upshur, the wait is over. And it was worth it.


Inspired by a Japanese fairy tale celebrating “friendship, longevity and mutual support”, the tiny restaurant (with a very well balanced seating scenario for the summer: 23 seats inside, 20 on the outside) will serve dishes on the intersection of French and Japanese cuisines, as overseen by Chef Makoto Hammamura (who will still be in the kitchen at Petworth citizen as well).

Things you can expect on the menu: beautiful, fresh seafood dishes, plays on classics like ramen (this one comes with pork cheek AND oysters), and some beautiful use of seasonal vegetables throughout.


The wine and spirits list comes with a well curated list of by-the-glass choices from all over the world, but also features Sake, Ciders and Sherrys. On the cocktail side, things are kept simple: just two signature drinks-one a reverse martini and one a reverse Manhattan.

Clearly at Crane & Turtle less is more, and that is exactly the kind of place that creates a neighborhood anchor. Citizens of Petworth, the citizen of places that are NOT Petworth are now officially at least a little bit more jealous of your location, now that you have THIS PLACE to walk right down the street to.