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Photos By Franz Mahr

José Andrés’ domination of Penn Quarter continues with the opening of China Chilcano.

150102china chilcano-020

The 418 7th St NW location will officially open its doors this Wednesday. The restaurant will serve Peruvian meets Criollo/Chinese/Japanese dishes. We’ve been salivating over the idea of this place since the summer. We will continue to salivate. Reservations will be hard to come by for quite some time. Stay tuned for our TASTE TEST.

150102china chilcano-080

The press release for the restaurant also has us salivating. Here’s what’s making us more excited: Drawing from time-honored techniques and traditional dishes, the menu at China Chilcano will explore the crossover of indigenous ingredients between these three distinct culinary cultures and will be divided into sections including Dim Sum, Soups, Ceviches, Chaufas, Sanguches and much more. José’s creative interpretations of Criollo classics, such as Papa a la Huancaina y Ocopa, an appetizer of native yellow potatoes served with two spicy, creamy sauces; Chinese-Peruvian favorites like Siu Mai de Concha, pork shumai dumplings; and Japanese-Peruvian items like the spicy, refreshing Ceviche Nikkei with Erizos de Mar are showcased to both celebrate and reinvent contemporary Peruvian cooking.


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