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From the look of things, Chaplin bar and restaurant will be far from silent. Boasting a piano bar that is currently reinforcing its table top to set your drinks on, Chaplin bar is a new concept opening in the Shaw neighborhood next week featuring Japanese cuisine and an inspiring list of cocktails created by brothers Ari and Micah Wilder. Signature drinks such as the Pickled Pineapple and Watermelon cocktail with Navy Strength gin will surely be a hit this summer and make the bar your favorite gathering place in the neighborhood. The pickling is mild but gives a great tangy twist to the cocktail and pairs well with the refreshing Pickled Fruit Salad that chef Jeremy Cooke has created.

Chaplin_FRM-9 Chaplin_FRM-19

Jeremy’s handmade dumplings have been honed with years of perfection from his time spent at Rex, the Orlando Culinary school and various Asian inspired kitchens such as Toki Underground. The Knockout ramen packs a fist full of Pork Shoulder, Jeremy’s amazing handmade noodles, a soft boiled egg, pickled ginger, and scallions in a Tonakatsu Broth.


Working with the Micah and Ari’s vision of the bar, Jeremy has created an Adults Only menu dubbed “Drunken Masters” that pack a solid intake of alcohol. “28 day Dry Aged NY Strip (soaked in Yamizake 12 year old Scotch for 7 days) ground and mixed with roasted shitakes, porcini and oyster Mushrooms, lightly marinated in roasted garlic, fresh scallions and ginger with a hint of Mirin and Shoyu”. If you’re wondering, yeah it’s as it sounds.