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Photos By Jason Dixson, Words By Andrea Diaz

Your fear of the typical claustrophobic bike shop that reeks of rust and oil is no more.

BicycleSPACE has a new location in Adams Morgan and last Thursday the 18th, a special preview event was held followed by a community bike ride. There was beer, oreos, guacamole and most importantly bikes. Lots of them.


Located on 18th street, the shop is 6400 square feet of clean hardwood floors and a neatly stacked arrangement of bikes. The shop literally puts the “space” in Bicycle Space. Bike selections range from kid’s bikes to cargo bikes and Bromptons. And if you’re not looking to buy anything, bring in your personal bike for a quick or elaborate repair at one of the four service stations in the back. It’s almost like messing up the dinner you made at home and bringing it into a five star restaurant so they can fix it. It even has room for a coffee table and a bicycle sculpture, and when was the last time you went into a bike shop with enough room for a flat screen TV and a lounge.


“To see this turn into an anchor for the community that lives here is fantastic. You can really just come in here, take your time, hang out and feel comfortable because a bike is an investment,” said Susan Kelleher, an Adams Morgan resident of 16 years and an attendee at the event.

In the past five years, BicycleSPACE has donated $10,000 to local biking nonprofits, and this new spacious location will allow for even more events like community rides, maintenance classes, movie nights and fundraisers to take place. “It’s all about the people,” said co-owner Philip Koopman, and the volunteer program proves just that.

Living in a city where biking from the White House to Columbia Heights takes under twenty minutes, Bicycle SPACE prides itself on creating a space and a community where biking is a lifestyle, not a task.

BicycleSPACE is located at 2424 18th St NW and is set to open later this week.