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Despite their proximity, Bar a Vin is a very different beast than Chez Billy Sud. The latter transports you immediately to a classic bistro in the south of France, while the former feels much more casual. While Chez Billy Sud is for impressing your parents or going on a serious date (you know, anniversaries, birthdays, the big stuff), Bar a Vin is for letting loose. With a wine list boasting over 200 bottles, this is the kind of place to seek out when you have the sudden, but inescapable urge to get classy drunk.

Located right next door to its sister restaurant in Georgetown, the first thing that hits you as soon as you enter the space is the imposing fireplace. What the restaurant calls the Living Room, is really the perfect space to curl up with a date (or a stranger, we certainly don’t judge) after a few glasses of wine. With it’s wood paneling, velvet chairs, and that lovely fireplace, the room feels as if it was ripped off of someone’s manor home and transported to 31st street. While its vibes aren’t quite suited for the summer, come winter (or really any rainy day) this is the place you’ll want to be.

The bar, on the other hand, leans less cozy and far more rustic. With high ceilings and exposed brick, just like I said before, this is a casual place for you to drink fantastic wine. Grab a seat at the copper covered bar and order one of the flights, which is truly the best way to learn about wine, or even have your bartender pick something a little unusual out from their comprehensive list.

Either way you’re going to have a good time, and if you start to feel a little hungry, there are meats and cheeses galore. Start to feel even hungrier? All you have to do is take a few steps and your back right next door. You could honestly go back and forth eating French food and drinking French wine forever. Which is not a bad deal.

Bar à Vin is at 1035 31st St., NW and will be open from 4 pm to 2 am.