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Photos By Franz Mahr

One of the best movie theater chains in the country will be opening in Bethesda this fall. ArcLight is coming to the Westfield Montgomery with a 16-screen movie theater.

arclight cinema-011

Similar to the Angelika, the ArcLight is one of those theaters that people that love movies love but could not attend in the DMV. That’ll change in the next few weeks. As you can see from the picture below, the theaters will be as comfortable as any new theater, with stadium seating and state of the art sound.

arclight cinema-031

A reason you may want to head to Maryland for the ArcLight’s first east coast location is the food. It’s not just popcorn. They will have popcorn and they will have their famous caramel corn (made on site each day) but the non-popped food may also make a trip inevitable.

arclight cinema-098arclight cinema-086arclight cinema-084arclight cinema-079arclight cinema-072

The ArcLight Cinema Bethesda will open this fall. Visit the ArcLight site for more information.

arclight cinema-014