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all words: Jenn Tisdale, all photos: Blinkofaneye

The world will always have room for more pizza. Today is the perfect day to celebrate a new pizza joint in D.C. because May the 4th is a high holiday for pizza. We celebrate Spaceballs and all the joy that film has given us, including Pizza the Hut. Veloce, from the folks who brought us Pizzeria Paradiso, opens TODAY on L Street in Dupont. It gives us that sweet high quality pizza we’ve grown to love from Pizzeria Paradiso with a slightly more casual feel. The taste, however, is anything but casual. Chef/Owner Ruth Gresser made sure to locally source as much as she could, paying special attention to the crust.


If you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t eat the crust things will definitely change for you at Veloce. The dough has that country bread quality so it’s more flavorful with NO sweeteners added so shove as much of it as you can into your face and don’t stop until your plate is clean. They let the dough simmer, giving it a long slow rise (24-48 hours) and gurl you know we like to take our time with that dough.

I sampled The Rooster (basil pesto, goat cheese, sweet red peppers, housemade chicken sausage and pine nuts) as well as The Cheesemonger (CHEESE but more specifically herbed mascarpone, red onions, italian cheeses, garlic, oregano and parsley). The housemade chicken sausage in The Rooster really gave the pizza something to bite into and really anchored the sweetness of the red peppers. The Cheesemonger was a no brainer because as Will Ferrell as Harry Caray once asked “If the moon was made of cheese, would ya eat it?” Yes I would and if the moon was made of The Cheesemonger I’d eat the whole thing. Just when you thought your mouth couldn’t handle all that cheese in came the red onions to break things up a bit.

You’ll also get to curate your own pizza, choosing the kind of crust you want, sauce and of course 10,000 toppings including but never limited to housemade pork or lamb sausage, fingerling potatoes, kale and of course roasted garlic. I’m probably going to make one entirely of smoked mozzarella then promptly name it the Mozza Baller. You of course can pick and choose whatever you like, BYOC: Be Your Own Chef.

If you’re feeling like you want a pizza but smaller you can also sample all their goodies in sandwich form ranging from a pocket to a calzone. Plus Veloce is open for breakfast because you should never have to wait for lunch to eat pizza.

Bonus: right now, noon on Monday, Veloce is giving away 100 free pizza! From the press release: Veloce will be open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Opening week will be marked by five days of promotions  — announced on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — including complimentary personal pizzas* for the first 100 guests starting at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, May 4. Pizza lovers can create custom 8” pies for $9 on white, whole wheat, mixed grains and seeds, or gluten-free crusts, or choose from a menu of curated pizzas composed by Chef Gresser.