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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

The Little Beet is going to be a popular lunch destination, especially early in the week. Located on the same block as Shake Shack and Nando’s, Little Beet is the healthy option, Nando’s is the somewhat healthy decision and Shake Shack is when you say fuck it and eat a burger, drink a milkshake and because they sell beer, drink beer. The Little Beet is going to do really well.


The chain (this is their first D.C. location, there are three in NYC) is a fast casual, build-your-own healthy spot. The best bets on the menu are the plate options. A protein and one side is $10, two sides $12 and three sides $14. The salmon is great and the chicken is perfectly fine protein. All of the charred sides (broccoli, string beans, kale, cauliflower) are worth ordering and the roasted sweet potatoes are best if you’re really hungry.


The bowls and rolls options are good if you’re craving something a little more adventurous and would rather have someone else pick our your options.


At $7 to $8 for salads without a protein, $12 with one, it’s better to just go to Chop’t (2 blocks away) or SweetGreen (3 blocks away).

The Little Beet is located at 1212 18th Street NW and open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. They’ll soon be open Saturday and will also offer breakfast. Hopefully they’ll come to Shaw. Or 14th Street. They would do really well in Shaw or on 14th Street.