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Photos By Jonny Grave, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

It was the messiest Taste Test we’ve ever done.

The Chickery, the newest fast casual option in Dupont Circle, serves rotisserie chicken and not much else, which is perfectly fine. There are a decent amount of options for Peruvian style rotisserie chicken within a mile of Dupont. There aren’t many southern style rotisserie chicken options in all of D.C.


The rotisserie chicken is fine. Paired with a side of greens and your meal isn’t that unhealthy. But order the sandwiches. The Ultimate Chicken Finger sandwich would have made the cut for our 16 Sandwiches for 2016 feature if we had it earlier. It’s a delicious mess.


If you want to stay away from fried food, which makes sense if you’re eating lunch in Dupont because the majority of people eating a fast casual lunch are doing so on their lunch breaks and fried food may put you in a food coma, consider the Pulled Chicken sandwich. You know what? Fuck it. Just order the Ultimate Chicken Finger sandwich. Or the Just Crunch It, which may be even worse for your diet than the Ultimate Chicken Finger sandwich.


Once again, the rotisserie chicken is fine and if you have a craving, it’ll satisfy, but how often do you crave rotisserie chicken over fried chicken?

There are also salads on the menu but you’re not going to The Chickery for salad.

The Chickery, 1300 Connecticut Ave NW, is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.