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Photos by Joseph Franco
Words by Kaylee Dugan

Neapolitan pizza has always been my favorite. I don’t care about your Chicago vs. New York bullshit. I want my pizza wet, charred and covered with mozzarella, and it seems like D.C. is starting to get into it too. While places like 2 Amys and Menomale (my personal favorite) have been shining beacons of hope for those of us who love bougie pizza for years, this summer has brought along new comers like Timber Pizza Company and Pizzeria Vetri.

You may know Vetri as the pizzeria that was bought by Urban Outfitters, and while that’s deeply weird, there’s nothing about the space that screams overpriced clothes or plagiarism. It’s bright and airy, with floor to ceiling windows and neon art adorning the walls. The space is perfectly suited for people who like sitting at bars, with a both a traditional bar and a long marble counter top that gives you a view of all the pizza making action. It’s a pleasant space to sit and have a conversation, slightly removed from the crowds of U Street, but close enough to the Metro you’re not in a no mans land.


I’m not proud of myself for this part, but I have to be honest with you guys, I ate a disgusting amount of pizza while I visited Vetri. So while I may hate myself this week, I do feel very confident when I say the Granchio, Vetri’s location specific pizza with Maryland blue crab, mozzarella, peppers, and fresh herbs is their best. I’m incredibly particular when it comes to crab, but the sweetness of the meat plays with the acidity of the peppers beautifully. Throwing some good mozzarella cheese in the mix almost makes it too much, but damn it’s good. A little on the greasy side, but good. As a warning, it’s also the most expensive pizza on the menu at $24, but if you love crab it might just be worth it. Despite having a million different options, this is the pizza I kept going back to, even if that wasn’t such a good idea.


They also have a perfectly fine margherita. If you need a little bit more meat on your pizza, the Crudo made with prusciutto, bufala mozarella, and parmigiano was also very pleasant, but none of them touch the Granchio.

When I think of pizza I think of beer. It’s hard to imagine a more heavenly combination, but while you’re here, consider getting the Amalfi Daiqiri. Made with rum, a fennel liqueur, grapefruit, and lime, it’s incredibly drinkable and interesting. The fennel liqeuer adds a complexity you don’t always see in a daiquiri. Also, I know salads aren’t fun or cool to write about, but the dressing on their chopped salad is stupid good.

I might have already sold my soul to a specific pizza spot, but it’s nice to have options. When I can’t trek out to Brookland, Vetri is a quick ten minute walk from my office. Which, on second thought, might actually be a bad thing.

Pizzeria Vetri is located at 2221 14th Street NW. They’re open 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday thru Sunday.