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Photos By Nicholas Karlin, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Capo Deli was created in the mold of other northeast delis. But it was inspired by a deli in Boca Raton, Florida, V & S Italian Deli & Subs, that owners Brian Vasile and Andy Seligman love. Vinny and Sal, the V & S, are originally from Flushing. They wanted a deli that brought Queens to Florida. And that’s why there’s a Flushing, Queens map in Capo. From Flushing to Boca to Shaw, there is now an Italian deli on Florida Ave. NW.

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It smells like cheese and bread. It smells like an Italian deli. It’s not a sandwich shop with deli features or a deli taking advantage of a trend. The sandwiches are Sal’s recipes. Leon Bakery makes the bread, based on the bread at V & S. They’re made with Boars Head, which is what the sandwiches at V & S are made with. The salads are made in house. The sweet peppers are one of the best things I’ve eaten in 2017.

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You go to an Italian deli for the sandwiches. There’s almost always a wait for the sandwiches at A. Litteri because you can’t find a better Italian sub in the city. Capo Deli is putting up a good fight. Their Italian Combo with salami, hot cooked capicola and provolone is exactly what you want when you envision an Italian sub. Is it as good as A. Litteri? Not yet. Will it satisfy an Italian sub craving? Absolutely. Order the large and split it. What’s pictured is the smaller size.

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Though it’s currently 90 degrees outside, about 30% of customers are ordering hot sandwiches. The traditional homemade chicken parmigiana is the most popular. It’s an indulgent sandwich for people planning on doing little to no work for the remainder of the day.

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The cannoli’s are also house made and also great for sharing.

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Capo Deli is garnering some press for reasons that don’t relate to food. I care much more about the food. Bars are everywhere. Delis are scarce.

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