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All words and photos: Lauren Jones

Beer enthusiasts, baseball fans, and Southeast residents: pay attention. Something awesome is coming to Navy Yard. We promise. Bluejacket, by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group (Birch & Barley, ChurchKey) will debut as a craft brewery and restaurant this September. I know—we’re pumped too, so listen up!

Bluejacket is housed in the old boilermaker building that was built in 1918 and will be part of a larger collaboration within The Yards Boilermaker Shops containing several stores and restaurants. High ceilings, mezzanines, and a ton of natural light make the brewery feel industrious yet city chic.


With a large bar and plenty of dining space, there’s no doubting the brewery will be an awesome addition to the Navy Yard area and a great place for a dinner with friends or a few delicious craft beers before a ball game. We are looking forward to welcoming more craft beer to DC that will continue to boast our city’s dining and drinking scene.

On Sunday, Bluejacket hosted a preview of the brewery featuring a BBQ grilled by executive chef, Kyle Bailey, and tours of the new space by beer director, Greg Engert. Barbecue goers feasted on hamburger sliders, sausages, potato salad, and corn on the cob while sipping an incredible selection of Bluejacket’s brews. Naturally, it was finger-licking fabulous and a great way to celebrate the closing days of summer. Look for more news on Bluejacket’s opening this September.



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