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all photos: Shauna Alexander

Opening tonight during the (what is seems is) the coldest week ever is American Ice Co-a welcome edition to that 10th/9th/V/Vermont crux of humanity so many of us spend a lot of time at before shows, after shows, in between shows…. (the exact address is 917 V Street NW).

We (excitedly) stopped by the soft opening on Monday, which was a great affair for friends and family of the spot (some of our favorite bartenders in town, collected from everywhere from Bourbon to Velvet to The Gibson are working shifts at the spot, and Eric Hilton is one of the co-owners, alongside Joe Reza) but decided to drop by the place the next day to take some non-disruptive preview photos.


The place the bar occupies used to be a garage for a roofing company, and before that, an icehouse, but now it’s is poised to become a big hit both during the winter month and as weather gets warmer, because it boasts a sizable front yard.


The bar focuses on beers (in cans or jars) with Red Racer being a welcome draught sight and a bunch of our favorites from Ol’ Speckled Hen to Porkslap occupying the “metal” category (Full lists below)

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The menu focuses on smoked meats and comfort foods, perfect for washing down with a nice beer in a can or a jar…


The space is surprisingly spacious and airy,  and achieves that nice balance between scrappy and polished with PLENTY of seating in both the oak booths, the long non-serving bar in the middle, and the even longer actual bar area. As someone who is a huge fan of sitting properly down and getting to know the people around me while enjoying a beverage and/or some pork, I am very much in favor of this arrangement.

All in all-we give both the concept and the execution all our thumbs and toes up. Make sure you stop by either this opening weekend (starting tonight) or next time you find yourself in the ‘hood.


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