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We had some high school interns this semester. They were great. And then they got REALLY BUSY with their prom plans. So we made Mare write about it. Behold- This is how that grand tradition goes down in 2010.-ed.

Prom, prom, prom…  A time where seniors gather around for one last time before we all depart for summer and before the chaos of senior exams arise.  I at first was very hesitant about doing the whole prom scene.  Finding the dress, finding the date, and finding a group to take pictures with is hard work.  Luckily for me, those three important aspects to Prom were pretty simple (and awesome I might add…)!  When we were all figuring out the logistics of the night, it seemed pretty confusing/complicating.  Were we going to get a limo?  Where were we going to take pictures?  Where are we going to eat dinner? Catherine, our amazing prom leader, made there to be a very clear understanding of what was going to go on.  We were to take pictures at one of the girls in our group backyard, then drive to the restaurant where our limo would be waiting for us and from there, we would go to prom, then after-prom.


My favorite part about the night was definitely taking pictures.  Having about 15 cameras flash at you while your cheeks start to shake from smiling so much, seeing all of our parents proud faces as they see their little boys and girls grow up so fast!  It was just a riot.  Taking the “prom pose” picture.  Taking the reversed “prom pose” picture.  Taking color co-ordinate pictures.  And the best- taking pictures with our parents on the second level of the house in order to take those old school “MySpace picture” poses.    You know exactly what I’m talking about







The limo:

How we had such an amazing time with you.  Not only was our limo so obnoxious (I mean limos in general are but adding in that it was a HUMMER limo was the icing on the cake) but also our driver was so fine with driving us around wherever we wanted to go! Rob, the fantastic driver, main intent for the night was letting us enjoy however much we spent on the limo.  He drove us to various peoples houses and it was amusing being driven in a limo while blasting Lady Gaga and La Roux.  I personally have had not the nicest time in limos due to the driver, so being with a driver so care-free and happy was an excellent change.

prom 2

prom 4

limo 1


Dinner was dinner.  We ate at a Thai Place close to home and it was nice in that we weren’t being stared at for wearing these fancy-shmancy tux’s and ball gowns.   It was basically extra time before prom where we were to spend a few hours on our feet dancing.  It gave the girls time to just gossip about so and so, and it gave the guys a time to chill before being forced into dancing all night.

dinner 2

dinner 1


When we got to prom, it was exactly how I pictured- A pretty empty dance floor with adolescents bumping-and-grinding to 2005’s top 40!  Not only were most of the students sitting at the tables scattered around the room, we also had the pleasure of seeing our teachers being placed in very awkward situations.  I don’t think their awesome Saturday nights entailed chaperoning a bunch of 17/18 year olds being a little too frisky with each other. Either way, it was ammusing seeing teachers dance together, students acting silly, and then finally giving in and dancing however way we wanted to.

prom prom 3

prom prom 9

prom prom 4

prom prom 5

prom prom 8

prom prom 7


After being exhausted with dancing all night, after-prom seems a bit silly.  School authorities and parents fear that their kids will go out and do alternative ways of partying it up after prom, which is why they invented After-Prom.  After-Prom is just a time where we all gorge on various food of all kinds, while listening to more of 2005’s top 40.  They had games such as an inflatable twister, rock band, and lazer tag, along with having a magician float around to people’s table to amaze us teenagers with the tricks and twists of magic.  They also set up various casino games, had temporary tattoos, and my favorite:  a cash vault where you’re blindfolded in a little inflatable box and having money blown at you.  The point of the game is to try and grab as much money as possible.  After-prom was enjoyable but if you havent had at least four shots of espresso for the evening, you’re just going to want to sleep at After-Prom.

after prom 1

after prom 3

after prom 2

after prom 4