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The DC recommendations column continues with DURKL.
DURKL whaaa? you may ask.
Well, DURKL are so cool we sort of can’t deal with it: they make the awesomest t-shirts (and now colored denim) in DC and beyond, run the most hilarious blog around and are helping throw The Brazilian Fiesta at St.EX tonight and are part of our Fall O7 styleistics class. Plus, they have some horrible photos of me with 300 boxes of top ramen at 3 am so I have to be nice to them.
Anyways, this is their column. And it is priceless.

Hey, I’m Will, I do DURKL with Cole, and here it goes.

I’m born and bred here (Washington Hospital Center raise up), which of course means I’m into baby pools filled with basset hounds, my brother/biz partner Cole’s moustache, Slip-n-Slide Tab parties, Vietnamese sandwiches, bike cops, Fun Dip, Budweiser and Bad Brains.
Don’t be fooled, though, because I also have an eye and an appetite for the finer things in life:
Pool parties, 7-11 doughnuts, DURKL’s dual Guinness/Ripley’s Believe it or Not world record, and the fact that Bill Cosby is the only person who eats free at the Chili Bowl.


Then there’re the various nagging addictions.
Wearing roller blades or watching roller blading movies, but not being able to roller blade.
Watching back to back to back to back romantic comedies (Just Friends being my top favorite at the moment).
Drinking nothing but smoothies for days (drinking one now).
Turning my dog into Spudz McKenzie v2.0. Snickers ice cream bars.
Dark Tanning Oil.
Erotic Camping…ill get to that later.

PSYCHE, ill get into it now. Sadly I recently realized that no one has ever heard of or gone erotic camping. I’ll write it slower to set the mood.

E r o t i c C a m p i n g.

E.C. is an almost lethally hedonistic pursuit, which I assumed was as common as…..? Golden Retrievers? I was wrong.
Anyways, my version of EC usually starts with spiked slurpees on the drive out to the campgrounds, but they quickly become champagne-filled Super Soakers.
Other highlights are usually the ostrich feathers, fruit roll-up underpants, cashmere tee-pees, tons of whispering, edible glow stick juice, and fresh squeezed OJ. The rest is burned into the ears of the forest.

I also like good food.

(Transition sentences were never my strength). I don’t think my favorite joints are anything new, but here it goes. Taqueria Distrito Federal on 14th street is the best burrito/torta in town, no doubt, and the owner is always there for hi-5’s.Pollo Rico in Wheaton has the best chicken I’ve ever had…ever…but I heard a nasty rumor that it closed recently because of some tax evasion problems! Vace’s on CT Ave still has the best pizza no matter how many new crappy “Italian style” pizza joints open up here. The Italian Store in Arlington makes the best sandwiches no doubt, but the lines are long as funk. Here is one you all may not know about, Full Kee in China Town, has the best egg rolls I’ve ever had in my life. They roll them fresh daily and fry them to order. Scrumptious…and I’m not even an egg roll guy. Taberna Alabardero is the best lunch spot (and Tapas) in town, but also an amazing dinner spot. Spanish food is unstoppable. Lastly and not leastly, my neighborhood staple, Whole Foods on P Street. Not because of the food, but because of the produce section on Sundays. Simple.

Music is cool.

I grew up on British punk and ska, which is starting to speak to me again. At work we pump anything from Miami Horror to Beach House. Huge on both of them right now. Bands I can’t stop listening to: the Rapture, Out Hud, Bald Eagles, Chromeo, Built to Spill, Blonde Redhead, Yelle, Queen, the Deadly Syndrome (debut album is out now…gonna be huge), Air and Kraftwerk. Songs I listen to on repeat all day sometimes when I’m designing: Straight to Hell, Mad World, Nothing Compares 2 U!, Master of None, Cosmic Dancer, Fat Bottom Girls. Sucks that M.I.A. used the Straight to Hell beat on her new album…her song doesn’t sound that sweet! 930 Club has been the site of many of my most memorable shows, including JT (ticket stub is framed in my office…cross my heart and hope to die), Air, and Blonde Redhead. I love that place, and they have Bud.

Should probably say that Palace5 on 14th and Florida is the best store in DC because you can buy DURKL there, but that would be ridiculous to say. They have Buds there too.


Oh, and a random shout out to Chris Burns. He is fantastic.

That’s it.

Make fun.