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I had the privilege of attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog, which is now open at 101 Park Avenue! Here were some of the very dignified guests of honor:


The museum contains an impressive collection of canine fine art (the best kind of fine art, surely), as well as an extensive library where visitors can learn about their favorite breeds.


If you wanna get technological, there are also lots of interactive stations where you can bone up on all things dog, or just play VR fetch:


My personal favorite feature, however, are the “Find Your Match” kiosks, which allow you to take a photo and find out once and for all which kind of dog you most closely resemble. Through the power of technology, I now know that I am 1. incredibly attractive and good at taking photos, and 2. the human version of a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje!

According to the AKC’s website, we Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes are “lively, agile, self-confident, good-natured and alert”, “faithful, easy-going and friendly in the home” and “keen, swift, tough, attentive and energetic”. Wow, so accurate and true! I will be adding all of these adjectives to my Tinder bio effective immediately!

Here is more information about us:

“The Kooikerhondje (Koi-ker-hond-yuh)—the ‘little white and orange dog with a big heart’—is a sporty, eye-catching fellow with a silky all-weather coat of white with red patches. They are instantly recognizable thanks to their large, black-tipped ears and the richly feathered tail they wag proudly. The breed has the sturdy bone structure expected of a serious hunter, but the overall picture is that of a harmoniously built dog of smooth, flowing contours and springy gait.”

I have always wondered where I got my sturdy bone structure, smooth, flowing contours and springy gait, and now I know. And you can, too, with just one simple trip to the Museum of the Dog! Here is a man who is also a Chihuahua:


Museum of the Dog hours are Tuesday – Sunday / 10AM – 5PM.