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By Alex Tebeleff

Readjusting to life back home after tour can be pretty disorienting, but it can also be a great opportunity to change the way you live back home for the better. Being in that tour van for hours gives ample time for self-reflection as long as you don’t let boredom take over, and being thrust into fresh environments every night for a few weeks brings fresh perspective when you aren’t too tired to keep your eyes open. It’s under these circumstances that I’ve decided to stop writing this column.

I’ve realized that I need more time to myself, especially to create. Anything that I don’t feel like I absolutely need to do needs to go. I’m very happy that I’ve been able to contribute to help make this community in DC grow, and I’ll continue to try to help do that through shows and hopefully my own music. I feel like the awareness of what is happening in music in DC is at the point where this column has served its purpose.

I feel like I’ve achieved my purpose with this column. I wanted to illuminate the incredible number of people doing amazing things in music and the arts in general in this city, especially for those unaware that any of this was happening. I’ve been playing shows in DC proper for 10 years in various versions in what has been known as Paperhaus now for 7 years, and I’ve been putting together shows in our house venue and more recently in other spaces for 4 years. I’ve seen the growth and change, and it’s real. Rock, Punk, Psychedelic, Electronic, Noise, you name it, there’s a strong independently minded community to support it right now in this city.

I’ll keep doing whatever I can to help spread the word on shows I think are valuable to the community, including posting shows I would have previously posted here on the DCDIT Facebook page. I plan on continuing to write for various outlets, and I am seriously thankful to BYT for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to finally start doing this. It’s been a great experience working with such an awesome group of people.

Thank you all for reading. I’ve been humbled that you even bothered to read this column, and excited by how much you all really care about the incredible music being made in our city. Always remember that the audience and the listener are just as important to the experience of music as the performer and the writer. Luckily, we’ve created a context in DC where both sides of the musical experience are growing in beautiful ways.