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If you are lucky enough to attend the gala opening tonight at the Harman Center, then I am impressed and jealous. For the rest of us, we have a week to watch as many movies as we can.

The Washington DC International Filmfest has been one the area’s most successful and all encompassing film showcases throughout the years . With over 40 countries represented and an array of genres, it’s any movie lover’s wet dream. This year the festival focuses on two geographical regions: Japan and Eastern Europe. Along with those selections are a multitude of global box office hits, documentaries, shorts and live guest appearances. Anyway, it’s loads of fun! Let’s get cultured here…

Here are some previews from the broad selection:

Ciao Bella, Sweden

Mustafa’s’ family is from Iran but he was born and lives in Sweden. He goes to a soccer tournament with his team to Gothenburg. Somehow, he gets involved in all sorts of mix ups and ends up pretending to be an Italian! Girls Swoon!

Daytime Drinking, South Korea

Have you ever planned a night out with your friends and gotten all worked up and excited because you’ve been feeling down lately and none of them show up since they are losers but it all ends up being a fun adventure anyway? That’s this movie.

Machan, Sri Lanka

Sometimes your life sucks and you just want to go to Germany SO bad you put together a fake handball team and enter in a competition in Bavaria and hope for the best.

Tears for Sale, Serbia

I need Svetlana to verify if indeed this is what life is like in Serbia. Fantastical costumes, lack of men, magic and beautiful music.

Tulpan, Kazakhstan

This movie looks wonderful. An Anthropologist’s dream. The life of a young nomad in Kazakhstan as he looks for a wife, makes dreams of being a herdsman and comes of age.

Tickets are $10 for General Admission unless otherwise noted
Screenings take place at a variety of theatres.
Check here for more info