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I’m not really sure what happened to tell the truth, so I feel a bit strange trying to write a description of what I witnessed. In fact, I think the old adage “a picture says a thousand words” is more appropriate in this instance. See for yourself. Extreme skateboard ramp fighting. Nihilism, anarchy, confusion, peach moonshine.

I stumbled upon this place after the BYT Relaunch party. I can’t really advertise the location because I never got a chance to speak with the organizers and I can’t say that I got the feeling they want their spot blown up, however, suffice to say, it’s within the district (well within NW I might add) and they ask you for a very humble $15 donation at the door. Beer is provided, providing you get there prior to it running out, unfortunately I did not. However, there was a brave young man offering peach moonshine, of which I partook a bit.

There was some skateboarding going on at least initially. I don’t know what led up to the fighting, but all of a sudden there was a fight in the middle of the skate ramp. I believe, and this is disputed by some, that there were punches being thrown at least initially. But then, as the first fight subsided, new gladiators entered the ring, and sure enough the party turned into a royal rumble. Ladies were getting in, it was like wrestlemania meets punk rock in the District. A photojournalist’s dream, really. (I am told that fighting is not the norm, however, I’ve heard this place referred to as Fight Club as well… hmmmm.)

I’d call it seedy, but really, it was, beautiful. In a kind of deliciously carnal and completely anarchic way, this was a celebration of life, extreme, fringe, maybe, but totally unapologetic, and absolutely self-aware. Loved every minute of it. Enjoy the photos.

08_5.03_FightClub-45 08_5.03_FightClub-39 08_5.03_FightClub-43 08_5.03_FightClub-28 08_5.03_FightClub-17 08_5.03_FightClub-57

08_5.03_FightClub-21 08_5.03_FightClub-56

08_5.03_FightClub-10 08_5.03_FightClub-51 08_5.03_FightClub-34 08_5.03_FightClub-25




08_5.03_FightClub-23 08_5.03_FightClub-26

08_5.03_FightClub-58 08_5.03_FightClub-60

08_5.03_FightClub-59 08_5.03_FightClub-20


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