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How is it already basically the end?! It was a p. dope (albeit short) week for the USWNT // let’s talk about that RIGHT NOW!!!


The USWNT took on England in the first of the semifinal matches, and England was talking some pretty big game beforehand re: feelings of USWNT arrogance. Buddies, if you’re gonna come out here swinging with that kind of trash, you’d better be able to back it up on the pitch! Now, I will reiterate that this was the match I was most worried about re: the USWNT being ejected early, mostly because England is the only side who (in my opinion) looked threatening this tournament. NOT TO MENTION Megan Rapinoe was benched this go-round! The flippin’ star player not taking her place out there? WHAT?! It was allegedly a hamstring situation. Either way, our bench is so deep that nobody batted an eyelash, and Christen Press came up with the early goal on a set piece. BEAUTIFUL HEADER, Y’ALL! I was screaming. Unfortunately, Ellen White answered back in the 19th minute and did her dumbass goggles move. (Homegirl was also diving basically the entire match // CHANGE MY MIND!) Alex Morgan came back with ANOTHER amazing goal in the 31st minute, though, and did an incredible sips tea celebration. YASSSS QUEEN! And on her birthday, too! England scrambled around in the second half to try to equalize, and it eventually came down to a flippin’ PK, but GUESS WHAT?! Alyssa Naeher came up with a HUGE save, and the score was to remain 2-1. THE USWNT IS ONTO THE FINAL, AND FOOTBALL IS NOT COMING HOME!


So it just came down to the Netherlands against Sweden to determine who we’d be facing on Sunday, and per my feelings, the Dutch squad was able to come out with the win for a 1-0 result! Granted, the goal didn’t come until the 99th minute by Groenen, but came it did, and Sweden has officially ended its kind of super surprising run once and for all.


The losers will face off for the title of third place (DEPRESSING) tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am ET, while the USWNT will take on the Netherlands Sunday at 11am ET in what’s sure to be a v. exciting 90 minutes! I genuinely feel like the USWNT is set to win it all for back-to-back titles. Granted, anything can always happen, and the Dutch side has some serious goal scorers, but from the way the USWNT has played this whole tournament…I kind of feel confident in where I stand on this? Hopefully won’t be eating my words, but only time will tell!

And now let’s talk headlines!

Check back in on Monday for a recap of this weekend’s final matches, and for a big ol’ recap of the past month!