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Holy bananas, do we ever have some things to talk about re: this weekend’s matches!


THIS WAS THE BIG ONE! The USWNT took on host nation France, and it was obvi a sellout crowd of both sides’ supporters. And while France had high hopes to walk away victoriously, potentially advancing to win it all in back-to-back World Cup glory, it wasn’t to be so – even though France was able to get a goal past Alyssa Naeher, the USWNT’s own Megan Rapinoe (my lord and savior) came up with TWO in the 5th and 65th minutes. This is especially glorious considering she’s publicly stated the team has no desire to go to the White House should they win the whole shebang, and I FEEL V. PROUD! Anyway, France’s dreams were totally shattered, which is kind of a huge bummer, but I’m obviously stoked on the result. (Also, win or lose, I would like Corinne Diacre to step on me.)


We had two to watch on Saturday, the first being Italy vs the Netherlands. Italy has been so great to watch this WWC, so they had my full backing, but the Dutch were just TOO GOOD. Seriously, Miedema is like…not of this world. Italy was left scoreless, while the Netherlands knocked in two goals when all was said and done. The heartbroken Italians will head home, and the Dutch will advance to the semifinal round.

Next up was Germany vs Sweden, and everybody felt pretty certain the Germans were going to crush Sweden into the ground. NOT SO! While Germany’s Magull landed the early goal in the 16th minute, the Swedes came back to equalize mere minutes later! And then, with a goal from Blackstenius in the 48th minute, Sweden pulled ahead!!! Germany was unable to catch back up, and, very shockingly, are headed home while Sweden takes a seat at the semifinal.


We’re getting to the home stretch, y’all! It’s really flown, I can’t believe there are just a handful of matches left. The USWNT will take on England tomorrow at 3pm ET, so you’d better make up a valid excuse and dip out of work to go watch it! Then on Wednesday it’s Sweden vs the Netherlands at 3pm, and then we’ll have two rest days before the third place match and the final take place this weekend. Personally I think the USWNT could go on to win the whole thing IF they beat England. The English squad are genuinely the only ones I’m worried about anymore. And I think it could be anyone’s game re: Netherlands vs Sweden, but if I had to place my money somewhere, I think the Dutch are looking pretty tip-top in that match-up. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

And now let’s talk headlines!

Check back in on Friday for a recap of this week’s matches, as well as what you need to know going into the final this weekend!