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Weekend Two of the FIFA Women’s World Cup wrapped up yesterday, and we now have a better understanding of who’ll be through to the next round INCLUDING the USWNT! Here’s a recap:


The Netherlands took on Cameroon in the first match of the day, and with the help of two goals by Vivianne Miedema and one by Dominique Bloodworth, the Dutch side won it 3-1.

Canada faced off against New Zealand later in the afternoon, and while it was a scoreless first half, the Canadians knocked in two goals in the remaining 45 minutes for a 2-0 win.


Sweden and Thailand kicked off yesterday’s matches, and everyone was wondering if they’d be able to bang out as many goals as the USWNT did on Tuesday; while they did manage a not-too-shabby five goals in the end, they weren’t able to shut out Thailand completely! Kanjana Sungngoen caught Hedvig Lindahl off her line in the 90th minute, and was able to put the Thai squad on the scoreboard after all. (With their reaction you’d have thought they won! Super heartwarming and very well-deserved.)

And then the one everybody was waiting for came in the afternoon! The USWNT took on Chile, and despite a world-class goalkeeper in Christiane Endler, the Americans were able to come away with a 3-0 shutout that puts them solidly into the next round.


So where does that leave us? France leads Group A with 6 points, while Norway and Nigeria are in second place with 3 points apiece, and South Korea remains in dead last with 0 points. Group B, meanwhile, has Germany in the lead with 6 points, while Spain and China are in second and third with 3 points each, and South Africa remains on the bottom with 0. Group C is currently lead by Italy with 6 points, while Brazil and Australia each have 3 points, and Jamaica stays in last place with 0. Group D has England with 6 points at the top, Japan with 4 points, Argentina with 1 point and Scotland with a sad 0. In group E, the Netherlands and Canada are tied for top position with 6 points each, while Cameroon and New Zealand both remain on the bottom with 0. And finally, the USWNT have a commanding lead over Group F by way of the goal differential, but Sweden also has 6 points in second place, while Chile and Thailand are both at the bottom with 0 each.

Germany, France, England, Italy, Sweden, the Unite States, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Canada and the Netherlands are all confirmed so far to go through to the Round of 16. Nigeria, China, Australia, Argentina, Cameroon and Chile remain on the bubble.

So what’s on deck this weekend? China will face off against Spain AND South Africa will go head to head with Germany at noon ET today, and at 3pm ET we’ll see Nigeria against France AND South Korea against Norway. Tomorrow is Italy vs Brazil AND Jamaica vs Australia at 3pm ET. (The latter is gonna be a real nail-biter since Australia is not yet through, and Jamaica’s goalkeeper has been a powerhouse so far.) Wednesday, meanwhile, is Japan vs England AND Scotland vs Argentina at 3pm ET, and the latter match should prove VERY interesting considering the way Argentina has taken everyone by surprise with their play so far. Can they clinch a spot in the Round of 16? We’ll just have to wait and see! Thursday it’s the Netherlands vs Canada AND Cameroon vs New Zealand at noon ET, and then at 3pm ET it’s the US vs Sweden AND Thailand vs Chile. (I’m pretty sure you can guess which one you’re gonna wanna skip work for on that day // even though both Sweden and the USWNT are through, it’s gonna be a super interesting watch.) That’ll wrap up the week (no games on Friday), and then the Round of 16 will kick off on Saturday at 11:30am ET sharp!

Finally, let’s talk headlines!

Check back in on Monday for a recap of this weekend’s matches, as well as what you need to know going into next week!