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It’s Father’s Day weekend in the District, and unless you’re one of those weird Frank Underwood types who enjoys urinating on daddy’s tombstone, you’ll likely want to spend the day hangin’ and brunchin’ it up with the man who (probably) helped you become the person you are today. If you were fretting about which joint embodies the perfect ambiance for your weekend (between the menu and atmosphere and the drink options, it can get a bit crazy), we’ve put together a small list of brunch places you could go with Pa that’ll make your Sunday together a damn good time.



Alba Osteria 

We’ve already sung the praises of Alba Osteria in our Brunch Guide, but given that it’ll be dad’s weekend, it still seems a fitting breakfast for unwinding with your old man. Besides your standard weekend brunch fair (including poaches eggs with house cured salmon), Alba serves up breakfast pizza, comprised of eggs, provolone cheese, tomato sauce and sausage. My dad’s really into the simple pleasures, and there’s a certain beautiful elegance in rolling together eggs, cheese and bread in a meal that also rolls together breakfast and lunch.
A mid-sized restaurant right off Dupont Circle, Duke’s makes some of the best avocado toast in D.C., has a menu that changes daily, and serves brunch until the lazy hour of 3 p.m.  If your dad is into hearty yet minimal cuisine from the British Isles, you can’t go wrong at this cozy spot.

The Kennedy Center Rooftop Terrace Restaurant 

What says father and summer better than a rooftop meal at The Kennedy Center’s Rooftop Terrace Restaurant. The eatery has an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring seafood, pasta, made-to-order omelettes, and desert, which you can enjoy with dad while overlooking the Potomac River.

Del Frisco’s Grille – Bethesda location only

If you have a difficult time pleasing everyone in the family and need a relaxing father’s day brunch, Del Frisco’s Grille in Bethesda is the perfect decision (the D.C. location does not offer brunch). Del Frisco’s brunch menu ranges from sweet to savory with banana and mascarpone-stuffed french toast and their classic Grille Prime cheeseburger including either crispy parmesan and sea salt, sweet potato or original fries. Plus, there will be a golf bag giveaway chosen from the day’s customers.

Co Co. Sala

Co Co. Sala is serving up an exclusive Father’s Day Brunch Menu on Sunday, which includes a fried quail egg and iberico bacon (who knew there were other kinds of bacon). The entrée portion has classic options like steak & eggs and French toast s’mores and intriguing plates like the artichoke tart with gazpacho and crispy Creole crab cakes with mango salsa. But get ready for this, the Dad’s Day Dessert includes Jack Daniels, chocolate, banana & applewood-smoked bacon tart. The cocktail special is a bacon Bloody Mary. Get your dadbod on, dad.