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Come party to more jams like this one at the 9:30 Club tomorrow, Friday August 31st, at Fatback Presents: Hot Pants!

“You might be missin’ some Vitamin Meeee…”

As much time and energy as you may have invested in a healthy lifestyle (kombucha, acai, yoga, pilates, yogilates, piloga, underwater deep breathing, PBR tallboys, etc.), I’m pretty sure you’ve overlooked the essential Vitamin Me. Fortunately, Raydio’s got your back.

Long before Ray Parker Jr. wasn’t “fraida no ghost”, he was a killer guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with heavyweights like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Barry White, Diana Ross, Lou Rawls, Bill Withers and abut 6 gajillion others. He also led a band called Raydio that made some incredible tracks like this one. With Synthesizer, Slap Bass, Cowbell and Saxophone (“The Four Horsemen of Getcho Ass on the Floor”) all together in one song, you just can’t go wrong.