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All words: Lauren Bulbin

All photos: Lauren Bulbin & Katherine Gaines

Fashion District was the place to see and be seen in Washington last Thursday night. Amidst fashionistas and bloggers, D.C.’s fashion forward designers brandished their wares while the crowd flourished, danced and gabbed over plentiful and delicious cocktails. Ginger Root Design, Hugh & Crye, Kelly Tang, Artaya, Aliceanna, Shop Jeen, Accoutre, Jennifer Jeremias and It’s Vintage Darling all came out and set up shop at the Powerhouse on the Georgetown Waterfront. Interspersed between cubicles and classic brick walls, one could find an array of fashionable accessories, jewelry and clothing.


From the cute dresses of Kelly Tang to the edgy accessories of Shop Jeen, the night was all about supporting the District’s best local boutiques and artists, and entertaining the fashion-loving guys and gals who make them famous. Washington’s best dressed darted in and out of provisional stores set up side-by-side for the night and gazed up at the well-tailored shirts of Hugh & Crye and the dapper bow ties of Accoutre.


While the city’s celebrated Ginger Root Design sold tie after repurposed tie and jewelry constructed from vintage pieces, Kelly Tang’s models took to the high ground showing off upscale slim, fitted and skinny dress shirts from Hugh & Crye. Throughout the evening, it became ever apparent that the DC fashion scene is booming and has become a strong, relevant part of the culture here in Washington. Thanks to ReadySetDC, our city’s best and finest fashions and accessories were showcased together in one place at a great event.

DSC_0086 copy

Judging from the crowd, the DC art and fashion scene is growing and now seems to have a huge following. As I wandered away from the bar and DJ downstairs at Powerhouse, I encountered the displays of Onyx Feather, It’s Vintage Darling and Shop Jeen, all of which were buzzing with their latest lines and vintage finds. Making my way around the space, I passed the drink and food stations, as well as a hit group of girls tearing it up in the DJ booth.

DSC_0560 copy DSC_0563 copy

At the top of the stairs, I was greeted by Ginger Root, who brought their A game and came bearing their well-known upcycled ties and stylish jewelry from a bevy of local artists. The next booth revealed the funky designs of Artaya and the quirky, cute bowties of Accoutre. Down the hall, Hugh & Crye were making a name for themselves as the best dressed and most outrageous guys at the party, while Kolton J and Jennifer Jeremias sold their beautiful jewelry. Past them and another bar, Kelly Tang and Aliceanna displayed their attractive cocktail and day dresses to DC’s most fashionable crowd.

The whole night showed off some of the best fashion DC has to offer, and I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait until next time!

Some lovely snaps by Katherine:

fashiondistrict48 fashiondistrict47 fashiondistrict36

fashiondistrict46 fashiondistrict44 fashiondistrict42 fashiondistrict41 fashiondistrict40 fashiondistrict30fashiondistrict38 fashiondistrict32 fashiondistrict31 fashiondistrict28 fashiondistrict17 fashiondistrict26 fashiondistrict25 fashiondistrict22 fashiondistrict21 fashiondistrict20 fashiondistrict19 fashiondistrict27fashiondistrict18 fashiondistrict16 fashiondistrict12 fashiondistrict8 fashiondistrict7 fashiondistrict6 fashiondistrict4 fashiondistrict5 fashiondistrict3 fashiondistrict2 fashiondistrict1

And now some lovely photos by Lauren:

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DSC_0144 copy DSC_0009 copyDSC_0551 copy

DSC_0544 copy DSC_0221 copy

DSC_0019 copy DSC_0025 copy DSC_0026 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0034 copy DSC_0052 copy DSC_0127 copy DSC_0065 copy DSC_0152 copyDSC_0080 copy DSC_0122 copy DSC_0125 copy

DSC_0133 copy DSC_0134 copy DSC_0149 copy DSC_0160 copy DSC_0170 copy DSC_0185 copy DSC_0198 copy DSC_0167 copyDSC_0219 copyDSC_0225 copy DSC_0277 copy DSC_0227 copy DSC_0243 copy DSC_0249 copy DSC_0250 copy DSC_0261 copy

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DSC_0322 copy DSC_0464 copy DSC_0332 copy DSC_0346 copy DSC_0358 copy DSC_0371 copy DSC_0377 copy DSC_0382 copy DSC_0431 copy DSC_0435 copy DSC_0467 copy DSC_0468 copy DSC_0443 copy DSC_0488 copy DSC_0490 copy DSC_0429 copy

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